Presentation Rezvov Mobile Software

Software suite of fully-featured solutions “Personal Mobile App CMS”

Software suite of fully-featured solutions “Personal Mobile App CMS”

There are two common ways of creating mobile apps: development to order or renting the app builders. We’ve created a Third Solution...


Is a qualitatively new solution

Ready-to-install software package (rapid deployment of Android and iOS mobile apps) allows you to launch a ready-to-use information mobile app with exceptionally broad features in a few days. The transferred mobile app and management system belongs only to the acquirer, all information content of the mobile app is placed on the acquirer's server. Actually, we offer our own social network, but with limited subscriber feedback in the form of publication reactions. This platform and all developments that were carried out within the framework of the product are the intellectual property of Rezvov Mobile Software. The technical solution is patented. Certificate of the computer program No. 2020614834, No. 202061838, No. 2021611258, No. 2022663101

Improves or supplements alternative solutions

The mobile app not only complements, but can also replace communication channels with consumers viz. social networks, messengers, SMS and e-mail newsletters.

It has significant advantages

  1. Instant and continuous real-time content updates in the mobile app, offering a whole new experience;
  2. You can do remote sales without costly integration with product and customer accounting systems. It's enough to install a button/link to the product placed on any marketplace or online store
  3. The mobile app user has the ability to customize the app to his/her personal interests: choose his/her favorite topics, filters and categories;
  4. Data optimization and storage on the client application side make it possible to upload photos of products (and any other graphical content) instantly;
  5. App users can rate (like/dislike) any content. All evaluations are summarized and publicly available;
  6. Daily statistics of a subscriber's behavioral factor helps to decide what causes mobile app interest and what needs to be fixed;
  7. Autonomous work after data loading without Internet

Innovative solution consumers

Small and medium-sized businesses, distance selling opportunities, wholesale sales, multifunctional, educational and medical organizations, sports sections and federations, museums, art groups and creative individuals, bloggers, non-profit and social organizations, libraries, etc.

Implementation areas:

  1. Brand(s) information marketplace platform for online product sales and media reviews.
  2. Creation of information and commercial product trade catalogues.
  3. Electronic media, directories, encyclopaedias and media directories.
  4. Information platforms for covering the life and activities of organizations, including hotels and resort areas, famous people, media people, public opinion leaders;
  5. A brief overview of products and news, the brand, announcements of new products, discounts and promotions for users of the app, multi-level rapidly updated wholesale catalogs, sales, etc;
  6. Covering the activities of sports clubs and sports federations
  7. Any reference books, encyclopedias and media directories.
  8. Electronic versions of periodicals
  9. Electronic books and articles.
  10. For social programs and NPOs - it creates the opportunity to talk about their activities and deliver information using a convenient and generally available dissemination channel in a customary format for the users.
  11. Covering activities of communities, multifunctional, educational organizations, cultural, non-profit, medical organizations, personal projects of entertainers and people of art and so on and so forth.

Stage of technical and commercial readiness of the solution

Off-the-shelf product.


The presented solution is designed primarily for users to have a quick look of new information. Actually, we offer our own social network, but with limited subscriber feedback in the form of publication reactions.


Quality effects:

No need for expensive development of your own software complex or rental of third-party services (designers) and mobile app development, taking into account the requirements unique to each of these services. You no longer need to search for an implementer, develop a requirements specification, accept the completed work, come up with a design, and carry out lengthy testing and inevitable revisions.

A ready-to-use mobile app belongs only to an acquirer with broad features, quick start and ample opportunities for information placement options. No need to involve technical specialists to update information resources of your mobile app.

Cost advantages:

Financial cost savings of 1000% compared to traditional solutions. No need for expensive development of your own custom mobile app and no need for funding engaged technical specialists for audit, acceptance of work and approval of a requirements specification. There is no dependence on the reliability, requirements and terms of service provision of app designer services or e-commerce services with the need to integrate into the online store, acquiring, logistics and other services.


All data and developments under your full control. Placement of the management system on any virtual/cloud hosting server of your choice that meets the technical requirements. Using any methods of protecting and storing, backing up information based on the needs of your business.


THE MAIN DIFFERENCES of the innovative solution compared to competing or alternative solutions:

Mobile App Builders


  1. Mobile App Builders, appsfera, Russia,
  2. Mobile App Builders, mobincube, USA,


Complete dependence on a third-party builder service (you don't own a mobile app). Data safety and security is not under your control (All posted materials are on the constructor owner server). Technical implementation using frameworks that are not native to the target OS with performance losses.


The mobile app as a whole does not belong to the customer and depends on the performance of a third-party service. If conditions change, most or all of the work is lost. High subscription fee for the constructor multifunctionality

Custom mobile app development

  1. Custom mobile app development, punicapp, Russia,
  2. Custom mobile app development, Dedicated Developers, USA,


Development and implementation terms are from 6 months. The need to involve a very highly qualified technical specialist to audit a requirements specification, step-by-step acceptance of the work and design layouts.


Developing a technical solution with broad features costs from 100,000 euros. Funding for the involvement of technical specialists for audit and acceptance of work and approval of a requirements specification.


"Red Books of Russia by Regions" mobile app

2022, the deadline does not include data preparation, and it has one business day including posting on Google Play

Application - tasks to be solved - Mobile app of the non-commercial project, it highlights and systematizes data from all the lists of protected species of the Red Books of the subjects of the Russian Federation, districts and regions.

Maintaining Red Lists of rare and endangered species has become the real core part of all modern conservation activities. The need to create a specialized online project was driven by the fragmentation of available data on regional editions and lists of rare species, as well as the low availability of some regional editions with small print runs.

Result - Reference information on all animal species, and you can update data in real time. The information is automatically synchronized on user devices. Selective downloading. A key difference of our Red Data Book of the Russian Federation project from existing electronic directories is the presentation of the material in a unified, structured form and the possibility to obtain summary information on each species in all regions of its habitat.

Ведется финальная подготовка информационных материалов и размещения продолжения серии познавательных мобильных приложений по тематике охраны редких видов, энциклопедии животного мира, содержания и ухода за домашними животными, детского творчества и досуга.