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Product description

Personal Mobile App CMS - All digital world in your pocket!

We have broken down the walls of exclusivity!

Now to create feature-rich mobile applications-social networks is available to everyone, not just to the privileged!

A revolution is in the way to get - from an idea to a finished product in one day!

You get your own unique mobile app to upload to the App Store and Google Play without months of custom development.

This is not an app builder or a service with regular fees. Your personal mobile app with a single point of entry. Simple and easy to use control panel on your server. Data security is under the owner's personal control.

Innovative distribution tool for ready-made feature-rich mobile applications. Automatic assembly of software packages for quick deployment of the control system and publishing in app stores.

You no longer need to go through all the mandatory steps:

  • Specifications development
  • Prototype development
  • Design development
  • Application Development
  • Server side of the application
  • Testing
  • Technical support
  • Project management
  • Integrations

Interested? We will send detailed instructions and answer all questions!

Just three simple steps:

  1. Leave a request.
  2. Get a ready-to-use installation package and instructions.
  3. Place the app on your personal account.

Software package "Personal Mobile App CMS"

"Rezvov Mobile Software" presents an innovative and unique technological solution in the field of mobile technologies! This is a fundamentally new opportunity to implement and manage mobile applications with full control over content and functionality for companies and organisations.


It is a qualitatively new solution. It is not a builder.

A fully functional and ready-to-use, but not containing information content, mobile application for Android and iOS platforms with a management system, which is adapted by the customer to specific requirements on your server in one day, is transferred. The transferred mobile application and management system belongs to the customer only, all information content for mobile applications is stored on the customer's server and is under the customer's personal responsibility.

Ready-to-install software package (rapid deployment of Android and iOS mobile apps) allows you to launch a ready-to-use information mobile app with exceptionally broad features in a few days. The transferred mobile app and management system belongs only to the acquirer, all information content of the mobile app is placed on the acquirer's server. Actually, we offer our own social network, but without user comments. This platform and all developments that were carried out within the framework of the product are the intellectual property of Rezvov Mobile Software. The technical solution is patented.


The presented solution is designed for users to have any information and sales opportunities of goods or services. Actually, we offer our own social network, but without user comments.

Applications of the mobile app:

  • Marketplace platform for online sales of goods or services with a personal user account;
  • Coverage of for-profit or non-profit organisations with the possibility of selling tickets, goods or services, making donations or voluntary contributions;
  • Creation of information and commercial product trade catalogues;
  • Electronic media, directories, encyclopaedias and media catalogues;
  • Information platforms for covering the life and activities of organizations, including hotels and resort areas, famous people, media people, public opinion leaders;
  • A brief overview of products and news, the brand, announcements of new products, discounts and promotions for users of the app, multi-level rapidly updated wholesale catalogs, sales, etc.;
  • Covering the activities of sports clubs and sports federations;
  • CRM system for automation and optimisation of marketing and customer service;
  • Any reference books, encyclopedias and media directories;
  • Electronic versions of periodicals;
  • Electronic books and articles;
  • For social programs and NPOs - it creates the opportunity to talk about their activities.

Description and applications -

Promotional themed 3D videos

Main features:

  1. Instant and constant content update in real time on the mobile app without removing it from the platform;
  2. Account with user data and requests to the supplier of goods and services;
  3. Task Scheduler with personal account for project collaboration;
  4. It is possible to use the application as a marketplace platform for remote sale of goods or services;
  5. Daily statistics of the user behavior factor, help to understand, what causes interest in the mobile application and what needs to be corrected;
  6. The opportunity to rate any content by the users of the application (). All ratings are summarized and available publicly. The functionality can be disabled if it is not required;
  7. The system of notifications about new publications will help users not to miss important events;
  8. The content of the Mobile Application will be translated automatically according to the language settings of the User's device. (read more »»);

Main functionality:

  1. The control system allows you to update the content of the mobile application running Android and iOS operating systems in real time and consists of a web-based administrator interface and an API for exchanging data between the application and the server side. All necessary components are handed over to the customer along with instructions for installation and use. Information security is under the full control of the application owner. It is up to you to decide where to place the application control system.
  2. You can create categories and informational resources and edit existing ones, move and delete them with the ability to change the visual design and add photos and videos. Apply filters to display resources or categories according to a specific criteria.
  3. Push notifications about new posts. Thanks to notifications, users will not miss important news. It is up to you to decide how often these notifications are sent. The user has the possibility to disable such messages, so we do not recommend abusing this opportunity.
  4. The administrator determines the number of screens (resources and categories) of the application and is limited by the ability to store the amount of data on the user's device.
  5. The design with the usual interface elements for users of each of the platforms will help to intuitively operate the mobile application without any difficulties.
  6. The news feed is a special category that will help app users to quickly check the latest updates of app content.
  7. Search with the ability to use tags to filter and customize the results.
  8. Machine automatic translation of any textual information of the Mobile Application into any User language with the possibility of correcting the results and saving the corrected results to the database by the operator of the Administration system. The high-quality translated content of the Mobile Application attests to the Company’s strong level and strength of purpose, caring about Users, and also allows you to outline to a wide audience your advantages, technologies, products and services. An innovative opportunity to communicate with the audience in its native language, opens up new horizons for brand popularization.
Improves or supplements alternative solutions

The mobile app not only complements, but can also replace communication channels with consumers viz. social networks, messengers, SMS and e-mail newsletters.

Innovative solution consumers

Small and medium-sized businesses, distance selling opportunities, wholesale sales, multifunctional, educational and medical organizations, sports sections and federations, museums, art groups and creative individuals, bloggers, non-profit and social organizations, libraries, etc.

Software purpose and application:

The program complex allows you to deploy a ready-to-use, full-featured solution in a few days in the form of a regularly updated mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems, which can be distributed through the Google Play and App Store applications or via an installation file (only possible for the Android version).

  1. "Personal Mobile App Management System" is created to provide an opportunity to be closer to your consumer than ever before.
  2. The "Personal Mobile App Management System" belongs only to you!
  3. The "Personal Mobile App Management System" is NOT A BUILDER
  4. The "Personal Mobile App Management System" is an exceptionally new approach to creating mobile apps.

Usage statistics reports:

The program suite of full-featured solutions "Personal Mobile App CMS" contains the following functionality for viewing non-personalized statistical data of use:

  1. Information about the popularity of viewed resources and categories (total)
  2. The number of clicks on external links placed in the content of the application (phone numbers, email addresses and links to websites);
  3. The number of active application installations by geographic location (country, city).

The key features are:

  1. This platform and all developments that were carried out within the framework of the product are the intellectual property of Rezvov Mobile Software. To prevent unauthorized use, a proprietary methodology and development of an encrypted information exchange algorithm are used. The technical solution is patented.
  2. A ready-made solution for a mobile application that is optimized to the maximum for Android and iOS. The programs developed taking into account the peculiarities of the operating system work correctly and quickly in the interface familiar to the user. You can immediately start posting your offers and materials;
  3. For the first time, you can quickly launch your mobile application and start posting information today! The application control system belongs only to You!
  4. There is no need for expensive development of your own program complex or rent of similar services and development of a mobile application, taking into account the requirements unique to each of these services. You no longer need to look for an executor, develop a technical assignment, come up with a design and carry out lengthy testing and inevitable improvements. The development time for a typical mobile application is usually several months at least. We have already done all this work for you and took upon ourselves time expenditures;
  5. It is not required to involve technical specialists to update the information resources of your mobile application;
  6. Synchronization of mobile application data occurs automatically;
  7. The information is available without an internet connection. Everything that has already been downloaded is always at hand.
  8. The possibility of posting video-materials.
  9. Possibility to publish ads of any format.
  10. There are NO competitive solutions with similar functionality and comparable deployment times!

The era of mobile technology has arrived. Now is the time to use new effective tools to get closer to the consumer.

The use of mobile solutions developed by Rezvov Mobile Software provides a stable competitive advantage and a powerful tool for motivating purchases.

The software complex of full-featured solutions Personal Mobile Application Management System Rezvov Mobile Software brings the world closer to opportunities for information that are equal for all.

The mobile app not only complements, but can also replace communication channels with consumers viz. social networks, messengers, SMS and e-mail newsletters.

We stand ready in the future to open our innovative technical solution for free-of-charge use all over the world.

Areas of application:

  1. A brief overview of products and news, the brand, announcements of new products, discounts and promotions for users of the app, multi-level rapidly updated wholesale catalogs, sales, etc
  2. Covering the activities of sports clubs and sports federations.
  3. Any reference books, encyclopedias and media directories.
  4. Electronic versions of periodicals.
  5. Electronic books and articles.
  6. For social programs and NPOs - it creates the opportunity to talk about their activities and deliver information using a convenient and generally available dissemination channel in a customary format for the users.
  7. Covering activities of communities, multifunctional, educational organizations, cultural, non-profit, medical organizations, personal projects of entertainers and people of art and so on and so forth.


The program suite of full-featured solutions "Personal Mobile App CMS" is a ready-made solution with the ability to publish your information application in Google Play and App Store in a few days with instant and constant updating of content in real time without deleting the application from platforms. Just upload your content!

One does not need to have programming skills or address developers therefore. Owing to the ready-made functionality, you can easily launch the app for your business without wasting time and money!

You will need a specialist technician* only once according to the step-by-step guide attached. The mobile app is fully ready to be posted in Google Play and App Store, you should just follow a few simple steps to register a developer account and complete the necessary information about the app.

* Advanced PC skills, core knowledge of Linux operating systems, and guides reading ability.

Implementation / commercialisation of the suite

Application «Emirates animals»

На английском языке

Number of characters with spaces: 2 258 591
Number of screens (pages): 708
Database size (MB): 86

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Special features comparison:

Personal Mobile App CMS developed by «Rezvov Mobile Software»

Solutions that exist on the market and individual application development

How much time does it take

Actions are performed once with minimal involvement of a technical specialist or a highly qualified user. Install and configure the mobile application management system on the site you have chosen, register a developer account on the Google Play and App Store platforms; fill in the required data and upload the application to the platform - all this things can be completed in one day. The basic skills for working with platforms and remote hosting will be enough to install the system and quickly launch the project.

You have full control of the situation. Independence from third-party solutions and services allows you to eliminate the risks associated with the interruption or blocking of these resources and focus on the content of your application.

Individual development of a mobile application can take several months or more.To choose a suitable specialist, you need a good knowledge of the target platforms, you need to work out a technical task, agree on the necessary details and continuously participate in the process. Accept the work and enhance comprehensive testing, taking into account all the features of the platform. You will need to involve a highly paid technical specialist with a level of training equivalent to that of the developers. If some experience lacks, it is easy to overlook important aspects.

Ready-made mobile app builders will generally allow you to make a release within a short time, but they have very limited functionality and speed, and there may be problems with publishing. A user is linked to a specific service and changing it usually means that everything would have to start over.

App information update

The main advantage of the solution offered by Rezvov Mobile Software is to provide a fully configured update system and advanced capabilities in a complex mobile application management system ready to get started quickly.

A simple interface allows you to quickly create or edit sections and information resources, add illustrations, videos and the necessary design. Changes are available to all users of the application in real time with the possibility of notifications.

Ensure the secure storage of application information and user data fully under your control. There is no need to waste time on long and expensive tests and developments.

The standard solutions of Information applications developed on demand, offered by the market, do not have such functionality and require creating a new version with subsequent loading to the platform.

According to research offers in the market, a development of a tailor-made solution similar in functionality will cost an order of magnitude (10 times) more.

When using application building services that have similar functionality, it takes a lot more time to create an application, configure it, connect third-party services, and learn how to use it. At the same time, the security of the information of your mobile application and the personal data of the user completely depends on the reliability of the provider of the selected service (owners of the builder), where the content is physically stored.

The mobile app you have created does not completely belong to you!

Usage statistics

A convenient ability to view statistics on the popularity of app information sections in a single interface, which allows you to make a decision about further project expansion based on the users' interests. Showing the following external clicks and contact information for each resource. Geographical distribution of app users accurate within a city.

All statistical data of the application and those of users are stored in the service of your choice.

It is not represented in standard solutions, but can be developed on request or as part of a rented third-party service - a builder with a monthly fee. Usually, integration with statistics collection systems for sites is used that are not quite suitable for this task.

Statistics and content of the application are located on the premises of the service provider (owners of the builder), the service can dispose of these resources according to its internal rules.

Solution cost

The solution is comparable in cost to a conventional informational application without the real-time update functionality and other relevant and useful features offered by Rezvov Mobile Software.

You get a mobile app for two platforms, Google Play and App Store with a system convenient and easy to use for the update information, with detailed statistics and the possibility of feedback from the users of your application.

No professional skills or special software are required to update the content. Adding information is no more difficult than creating a document in a word processor and is available from anywhere and at any time for users with basic PC or smartphone knowledge.

According to the analysis of the developers ' offers, systems with comparable functionality have a much higher final cost (10 times).

An information application that is comparable in terms of budget, developed on request, will not have the function of immediate updating, collection of Statistics and other relevant features.

To update the content of a simple information application, you need to pay for the services of a specialist to create a new version and publish it on the platform.

Using application builders on leased facilities and servers involves a regular payment according to the tariff plan of the platform used, depending on the options used.