Automatic translation of mobile app content

Automatic translation of mobile app content

Machine automatic translation system for Mobile Application content selects the translation depending on the language settings of the User's device. For example, if the Application content was initially published only in Russian, and the User installs the Application on a device where the selected system is in English, in such case all Application content will be automatically delivered to the Application in English. All elements of the service interface of the application will be localized in a similar way.

The functionality is implemented using the capabilities of the Google Cloud Translation platform with the possibility to use Machine translation of any textual information of your Mobile Application into any language in the world. To connect the functionality, you have to register on the platform and get the API key of the service. To access the service, you must specify a card for payments. The reason given for this is that it would protect against automatic registrations. The Basic tariff provides an opportunity for free translation of 500 thousand free characters per month. For illustrative purposes, this volume can be compared with a book of about 400 pages. Anything over the limit is valued at $20 per million characters. When registering, $300 bonus is credited to the account for a period of 90 days. Upon the expiration of the promotional period, money from the card is not debited automatically. You will not be charged unless you switch to a fee-based account.

The system is designed in such a way that the resources of the platform's tariff plan are spent rather in economical way. Translation takes place only if the content is requested in the target language. Then the translation results are saved in the server-side database, from where other Users with similar language settings will be able to pick up the previously translated content of the Mobile Application.

You don't necessarily need to use this functionality or stop using the Google Cloud Translation platform, in which case the content of the Application will be delivered to the device of the Application User unchanged. Though all previously translated resources will be saved.

Further information on connecting and using the functionality of the Machine automatic translation of the Mobile Application content is described in the documentation which is included in the delivery of the software complex.