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"Personal mobile application management system" - belongs only to You! You choose your own hosting to host the control panel according to technical requirements, set passwords for access and administration. Publish your mobile applications to the App Store and Goggle Play platforms from your account. We recommend that you follow the general rules for the security of passwords and its complexity.
You should fill out an application for a Grant in accordance with the established procedure and send it to the Commission for consideration to e-mail with a note in the message subject: "Application for a Grant". For more information »
"Personal mobile application management system" - IS NOT A BUILDER. It is a ready-made mobile application solution for Android and iOS with instant and constant content updates in real time.
This software package can be used for reference applications, catalogues of a complex nested structure, presentation purposes, publication of any text and (or) graphic materials that need a simple and prompt update and maintenance.
There are NO competitive solutions with similar functionality and comparable deployment times!
Using the package control panel
Software is paid and downloaded in your personal account after log in.
You can pay after login in to your personal account. For legal entities by issuing an invoice, for individuals - online with credit card or PayPal.
When ordering, you should clarify the individual settings of the application and the scope of application. Detailed technical requirements can be found in the "Support" section.
  1. To place the control panel: Hosting, you can use VDS entry-middle level with an approximate cost of 6-10 Euro per month
  2. For iOS mobile application: An Apple Developer account for which you have to pay $106 per year.
  3. For Android mobile application: Google Play developer account, one-time payment in the amount of $25.

The last condition, in principle, is not necessary, unlike Apple, it is rather a recommendation from Google, since users have great confidence in applications hosted on Google Play. You can distribute your Android application yourself in any convenient way.

In the case of the iOS platform, Apple's position is stricter and does not allow the distribution of applications bypassing the App Store. The ability to distribute your iOS application directly exists for Apple Developer Enterprise-accounts, the payment for which is about $300 per year. This type of corporate account is intended for distributing applications within the organization.


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