We are not magicians, but we are not apprentices either. We are professionals who solve problems that meet the consumer needs.

About us

IE Rezvov Andrey Vladimirovich registered in the city of Moscow on July 12, 2007 is:

  • a founder of the Non-commercial learning and cognitive Internet portal for children and adults "ZOOGALAXY", which was launched in 2012
  • a founder of the software complex of full-featured solutions Personal Mobile App CMS, developed by Rezvov Mobile Software for Android and iOS operating systems presented in March 2021.

The owner of IE A.V. Rezvov, Mr. Rezvov Andrey, is the author and owner of 35 patents registered in different countries of the world.

The deep desire and many years of experience of our entire team are at the heart of an ambitious goal. A detailed plan developed to achieve it allows others to use our technical solutions developed by Rezvov Mobile Software to create and achieve their own goals.

We believe that innovative technical solutions are rapidly changing lives for the better and bring the world of equal opportunity closer, where everyone has access to new technologies and benefits that these solutions provide.

Expanding the information opportunities of non-profit organizations around the world

Donated technical solutions from Rezvov Mobile Software enable non-profit, humanitarian organizations and social entrepreneurs to be more productive, more innovative and ultimately have a greater impact on society.

You buy a software package and thereby help non-profit organizations to receive innovative products "Rezvov Mobile Software" for free.

Support for equal information opportunities

We strive for equal information opportunities for everybody: for small and large businesses, for every non-profit or humanitarian organization, social entrepreneur, for every person.

Our actions

The main goal of this project is to create numerous innovative technical solutions in the field of mobile technologies.

The ultimate goal of this project is to create affordable products for partners, to support non-profit or humanitarian organizations, social entrepreneurs on a grant basis.


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